Courageous noticing and unapologetic truthtelling.

We all have a racial story to share.

"The lion's story will never be known as long as the hunter is the one to tell it."

-West African proverb


While we are aware of and challenge systemic social injustices that shape our communities, Lion's Story takes a more proximal approach to racial conflict resolution. Our work begins with practitioners, staff and leaders of organizations, teaching skills that address face-to-face and in-the-moment racial encounters. We work across all age groups leverage the power of storytelling and racial literacy skill development, with the goal of promoting emotional and relationship health.


"This institute was an emotional, mental and spritual shedding experience for me. I've gained new tools in processing and dealing with racial conflicts."


D. Scott


"It [felt] like a movement! It was empowered and helped me to find my voice and the courage to use it."
Brendan T.

Our Village

Lion's Story is powered by a collective of professionals dedicated to the work of racial literacy. Daily operations are led and managed by a team of managing partners and staff, with support from a village of trainers and thought partners that help us carry out our mission.

Board of Directors

Dr Brian Peterson, Founder, UPenn Lecturer and Director of Makuu, Penn's Black Cultural Center

Hayling Price, Senior Consultant, FSG

Isaac Ewell, Consultant

Stacy Holland, Strategic Educational Consultant, The Holland Group



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