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Lion’s Story develops and focuses on racial literacy via three types of services: training, consulting and assessment. Our services are facilitated by clinicians, therapists, diversity & inclusion specialists, administrators and thought leaders in the field.



The foundational Racial Literacy training prepares participants (students, educators, leaders, practitioners, etc) to become better observers and change agents of their own racially insecure and stress-burdened thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We supportively provide feedback on how to use racial literacy (including knowledge, skills and tools), while participants are simultaneously using mindfulness and stress management to lighten the burden that racial politics brings.


All Lion's Story trainings:
  • Are led by LS Racial literacy Trainers who are therapists, diversity & inclusion specialists, administrators and thought leaders in the fields of positive youth development, education, psychology and organizational leadership
  • Are grounded in evidence-based therapeutic approaches, fueled by decades of research
  • Involve individual, paired, small and large group work
  • Include the practice of storytelling, journaling, debating & role-playing
  • Are conducted in 1-Day, 3-Day or 5-Day formats
  • Can work across developmental stages (ages 10 and up)

The course will help participants competently address diversity related conflicts by establishing environments of mutual respect and trust, boosting ethical and thoughtful decision-making, and increasing worker performance and productivity. We expect participants to become racially assertive enough to ethically speak and act using their occupational expertise during face-to-face racial encounters (FTF) without overreacting or under-reacting.


At the completion of training, participants will be able to:
  • Explain the definition and range of racial stress during racial storytelling
  • Learn and explain the definition of racial literacy and recast theory
  • Learn the steps of successful racial negotiation using homework exercises
  • Regulate their emotional reactions during FTF racial encounters and make better decisions of racial coping, speaking, and problem-solving
  • Explain Calculate, Locate, and Communicate, Breathe & Exhale (CLCBE). Identify thoughts, body reactions, and self-talk during racially stressful conversation; then Breathe and exhale during racially stressful conversations
  • Practice racial stress reduction in FTF racial encounters relevant to their roles
  • Catalogue successful and unsuccessful racial encounters and seek help through supervision from REC staff


Lion’s Story consults with organizations and individuals who have participated in our training (or are planning to do so) and are committed to involving other stakeholders. With dedicated time and resources, we can help you build skills and reshape the racial climate within your organization. We aim to support that evolution in whatever way possible - whether it be open ears, creative ideas, strategic planning support, on-site observations, etc.



In addition to consulting, Lion’s Story conducts assessments for organizations to measure racial literacy. Requests for assessments are customized to the specific needs of the environment and the client. To learn more about assessments, please submit an inquiry using the contact form.

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hillary b


"I appreciated the emotional approach. I appreciated the opportunity to brainstorm and try out new ways of responding to racially charged and other hard moments. I'm better equipped with come backs. These are tools and skills that I'm already integrating into my work..."


Hillary B.




"The Lion's Story training institute was powerful learning. The theory and practial approaches the Lion's Story team share are where the rubber meets the road for student support in my professional practice. I will certainly bring what I've learned back to my team..."


Jackson C.




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